REAL Learners Guided Language Activities is an induction programme for newly arrived pupils with little or no English

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Bilingual Reading Diaries

Bilingual Reading Diaries

Newly arrived families can support their children’s literacy development through home languages. Each diary has guidance for parents on how to approach school reading books bilingually with their child. A unique rating system allows parents to feedback without needing to be literate in English.

Available in Arabic, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian and Somali. More language coming soon.

Bilingual Reading Diaries

Reading Diaries – English version

Improve your home/school links by offering parents clear, simple advice on how to support their children’s reading at home. As well as advice on asking questions, our diary’s unique four-star feedback system helps parents to decide how well their child talked about a book, understood the ideas in it, and read the text aloud.

The diaries are also available in seven community languages – Arabic, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian and Somali.

Bilingual Reading Diaries

New: Talk Sticks

Make your classroom talk more equitable and inclusive with our fun Talk Sticks.

Bilingual Reading Diaries

New: Bilingual Reward Stickers

Our bright, cheerful stickers reward pupils bilingually – in home language and English, and send a positive message home to parents.

Bilingual Reading Diaries

Communication Fans for New EAL Learners

Newly arrived pupils need to feel safe, valued and secure when they arrive in your school. Our colourful fans illustrate basic survival language and help vulnerable pupils express their most fundamental needs.

Guided Language Activities

Teach pupils basic English with a complete, easy-to-use and effective activity pack. This induction programme shows teachers how to help pupils who arrive in their classrooms with little or no English.

EAL Excellent Practice Poster

Support staff in school with this new EAL poster. Display in shared work spaces, staff rooms or classrooms as a reminder of good EAL practice so that pupils learning EAL receive effectively planned and delivered language lessons, whatever curriculum subject they are studying.

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