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The Unfamiliar and the Indeterminate: Language, Identity and Social Integration in the School Experience of Newly-Arrived Migrant

Evans, M. & Liu, Y (2018)  Journal of Language, Identity and Education, 17:3  View article

EAL in DEAF Children: Professional Guidance to Parents

Poster presented at Naldic Conference 27 by Wright, Stojanovik and Serratrice looking at professional attitudes towards hearing impaired pupils with EAL

Going to school or a school of fish: do children with EAL struggle with homonyms and does this matter?

Poster presented at Naldic conference 27 by Booton and Murphy, looking into the links between homonyms and reading comprehension in EAL learners.

English as an Additional Language: Proficiency in English, educational achievement and rate of progression in English language learning

Strand, C & Lindorff A.  (2020) University of Oxford Department of Education  View article

When 'home languages' become 'holiday languages': teachers' discourses about responsibility for maintaining languages beyond English

Cunningham, C. (2019) Language, Culture and Curriculum  … View article

The hope of a better life? Exploring the challenges faced by migrant Roma families in Ireland in relation to children's education

Kennedy and Smith (2018) Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies … View article

English as an Additional Language for Pupils. How long does it take to acquire English fluency for pupils in years 6-11

Demie, F. (2013) Language and Education… View article

The impact of older siblings on vocabulary learning in bilingual children

Taylor and Fong Kan (2018) International Journal or Bilingual Education and Bilingualism… View article

Writing in English as an Additional Language at Key Stage 2

Cameron and Besser (2004) DfES Research Report… View article

Profiling Writing Challenges in Children with English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Murphy, Kyriacou and Menon (2015) University of Oxford… View article

My Language... I don't know how to talk about it. Children’s views on language diversity in primary schools in France and England

Oaskleigh Welpy (2017) Language and Intercultural Communication… View article

English Language proficiency and attainment of EAL (English as second language) pupils in England

Feyisa Demie (2018) Journal or Multilingual and Multicultural Development… View article

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