Our unique reading diaries will help parents read more effectively with their children

New: Reading Diaries

Now available in English only.

Our diaries are designed to improve your home/school links by offering parents clear, simple advice on how to support their children’s reading at home.

As well as advice on asking questions, the diary’s unique four-star feedback system helps parents to decide how well their child talked about a book, understood the ideas in it, and read the text aloud.

The diaries are also available in seven community languages – Arabic, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian and Somali. For more information on these bilingual resources, please click here.



The diaries give clear guidance to parents on how to read with their children by:
  • Exploring different text types through layout and language
  • Suggesting what questions to ask for different text types
  • Encouraging pupils to re-tell stories or recount information as well as simply reading the text


Each diary has a unique, star-rating system to help parents’ feedback more detail on their child’s reading by:
  • Avoiding the need to write generalised comments
  • Encouraging children to get involved to decide how well they interacted with the book and how they can improve their reading
  • Enabling parents and children to see that learning to read involves many skills other than just decoding a text

The diaries also:
  • Encourage greater communication between home and school with frequent comments pages where teachers and parents can exchange thoughts and ideas
  • Contain a list of the first 100 words so that parents know what tricky words they need to help their children recognise and learn
  • Have book review pages where children can write about a book they have read with their parents, or draw a picture to represent how they felt about the text




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