Guided Language Activities: What our customers say

We asked schools using our Guided Language activities a few questions…

Q1. What are the benefits of the programme for your school?

One Head Teacher summarised the materials perfectly, saying they are, “Very clear, very easy to follow and easy to pick up with only minimal time for preparation.”

In fact, all the schools recognised how time-saving the programme was because it was so straightforward to use.

Teaching Assistants, trained to use the programme, liked the fact that it is “well-resourced and easily adaptable” with all the resources contained in one, simple box.  As the programme is fully planned, it is highly adaptable and can be “dipped into when you’ve got a few minutes” during a hectic timetable, as one Teaching Assistant pointed out. In the accompanying Teacher’s Book,  the activity descriptions “are amazing and the prompts are really good.” As for the assessment, it is easy to use with children “because it grabs their interest”.

Q2. How does your school know that the programme works?

Speaking about a pupil who had participated in the programme, one Inclusion Manager said she’d, “Never seen so much change in a child in my life.” From being shy and withdrawn, with no English and attention difficulties, the little boy flourished. Staff believed that without the programme, “he’d still be shy and timid.” Overall, the Guided Language Activities, “changed the way the children in our schools are talking and having conversations in the classroom.”

We must also tell you that this school is one of several trialling our new, pilot assessment materials. They measure pupil gains through an information and grammar score. The school saw all pupils on its intervention programme progress from a Level A (Beginner) to a Level B (Developing Conversational Competence) during a 12-week teaching period. Pupils were taught three times a week during sessions of up to thirty minutes.

The Deputy Head Teacher of another school reported similar findings and commented, “The progress made by our children has been astounding.”  According to a Teaching Assistant running the programme, “All children became more confident and their speech improved in fluency and accuracy”. “It’s my favourite intervention,” her colleague told us, “because you can see the results.”

Q3. Would your school recommend the Guided Language Activities to other colleagues?

The answer was a resounding yes. Why? Because  children were, “always excited to take part” as a Teaching Assistant reported. Another said how she really enjoyed using the programme because it was so easy pick up. “I hear them in the playground, the phrases we’ve taught,” she continued. “Before, we had nothing. That was daunting!”

At another school, the Learning Support Assistant admitted that she was new to EAL teaching and would recommend the Guided Language Activities because they were, “really good for someone with no EAL experience”.

We feel that our Guided Language Activities can make a big difference to the experiences of newly arrived pupils, and the staff who teach them. But don’t just take our word for it. Trust the teachers who are using the programme.

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