Family Fun: Language Activities for Lock-down

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to REAL Learners.

If you want to help your child understand Covid-19 a bit more, here is a useful website: . It has simple information, written in 25 different languages, that explains how the virus travels and spreads and, most importantly, what we can all do to stay safe. Please take a look.

Below are links to language resources and games you can do with your children at home.

The activities are designed to encourage talk and literacy skills. They can be done in English, or in your family’s home language. Be bilingual!

Activities for outside:

Mini-Beast Hunt – search for little creatures in your garden, then record your results

Flower Hunt – look for common flowers around you and write about what you found

Activities for inside:

Picture Talk and Write – talk about a familiar scene, then write about it

Punctuation Pairs Game – get to know how basic punctuation works with this pairs memory game

Preposition Hunt – search for the cats in your house! Then describe where they are. No pointing allowed

Monster Misfits – make a monster misfit game and have fun creating, describing and writing about your new monsters

Find the differences: butterfly barrier game – find the differences between two pictures, but not with them side by side!

Find the differences: caterpillar barrier game – spot the difference between the pictures without looking at your partner’s picture. Learn to describe objects using different adjectives and to ask questions

Tell me what to draw: barrier game – describe a picture for your children to draw, or visa versa. Learn to describe shapes and use positional language

Find the differences: Scooby Doo – how many differences can you find between the two pictures, by asking questions and describing your picture?

Use the ideas to create new activities for your children too.

More links will be added to this page as the weeks progress, so please keep looking.

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